Zendokai karate 2024 international camp 7th – 8th September

Zendokai karate welcomes you to Zendokai karate 2024 International Camp , 7-8 September in Halmstad, Sweden!

Since 2016 we have been hosting professional instructors in Halmstad for a weekend of training and personal development in early fall.

Instructors 2024!
Okuma Koichiro, 7 Dan JKA HQ
Kobayashi Kunio, 7 Dan JKA HQ
Miroslav Unic, 7 Dan JKA Sweden


Registration is open and close 24th August 2024



2 days / 6 (7) seminars. Lunch is included Saturday & Sunday.
JKA:     1300 SEK / 115 Euro
Other:   1600 SEK / 140 Euro

Note: On Friday 6th we are offering a bonus Dojo warm up Kumite session for early arrivers during final preparations.

We accept individual payment via:
•International: BIC: SWEDSESS IBAN: SE7780000816958041943336
•International online card payment: send an email to camp@zendokai.se for payment link from our cashier
•Sweden: Swish: 123-483 8512  or  BG: 566-2655

To note: An email with link to payment options will be sent out manually a few days after registering. Have some patience as the club cashier sometimes blink…

We do not refund cancellations later than two weeks prior to the camp. Swedish: Vi kan inte återbetala lägeravgift vid avbokning senare än två veckor innan lägret.

Halmstad arena, Halmstad Sweden

Note: Halmstad arena is located 300 m North of Zendokai Dojo.

Local bus, lines 1, 4 and 5, run every 10 minutes between Halmstad Arena and Halmstad City Center.

How to get to Halmstad:
By car: Halmstad is located along E6 135 km N of Malmoe, Sweden. Use exit 44 ”Halmstad Östra / Rv25”.
By train: Halmstad C via Malmoe/Copenhagen from S, Gothenburg/Oslo from N or train service ”Krösatågen” from E.
By air: Option 1: Copenhagen international airport (CPH), hourly train service to Halmstad. Option 2: Gothenburg ariport (GOT), airport bus to Göteborg C, hourly train service to Halmstad. Option 3: Halmstad airport (HAD) from Stockholm Bromma airport (BMA).
By levitation (Zen master only): Aim your inner spirit at koordinates N56.6740968999714 E12.889344175028043.

Find your own lodging: For best price on options use hotels.com, booking.com or momondo.se.

The instructurs will stay at Hotel Mårtensson, Halmstad

Please note; No over night stay in Halmstad Arena due to fire safety.

After karate social event
17:30-19:30 Saturday night, at Hotel Mårtensson, Storgatan 52, Halmstad. Age limit 18 years.

Contact: camp@zendokai.se

Previous camp track record: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023!

2023 International camp

Ogura Yasunori, 8 Dan, JKA HQ
Takahashi Satoshi, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Shimizu Ryosuke, 6 Dan, JKA HQ

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAVhQP

2022 International camp

Naka Tatsuya, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Kobayashi Kunio, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Hirayama Yoko, 7 Dan, JKA HQ

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAe3i4

2020-21 cancelled due to Pandemic restrictions

2019 International camp

Ueki Masaaki Shuseki Shihan, 10 Dan, JKA HQ
Ogura Yasunori, 8 Dan, JKA HQ
Kurihara Kazuaki, 5 Dan, JKA HQ
Shiina Mai, 4 Dan, JKA HQ

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGRUYGG

2018 International camp

Shiina Katsutoshi, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Shimizu Ryosuke, 5 Dan, JKA HQ
Chubachi Koji, 5 Dan, JKA HQ

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHsmihV6Sd

2017 International camp

Ogura Yasunori, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Naka Tatsuya, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Shiina Mai, 3 Dan, JKA HQ

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8XSW5c

2016 International camp

Kurasako Kenro, 8 Dan, JKA HQ
Shiina Katsutoshi, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Pacheco Peté, 7 Dan, JKA Portugal
Hedlund Ted, 7 Dan, JKA Sweden

Pictures (FlikR) https://flic.kr/s/aHskREBi1o